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Nokia was launching 3 new devices with a radically innovative technology known as NFC (Near Field Communication). They wanted to leverage their brand association with SRK and his soon-to-be released sci-fi movie Ra.One.

Since NFC was a new technology slated to be introduced first by Nokia, our challenge was to educate and excite the consumer with the radical new benefits of NFC and in turn drive them to evaluate Nokia Smartphones in a new light, all the while leveraging on the halo surrounding Ra.One.

NFC technology involves two NFC enabled devices to transfer data simply by ‘tapping’ onto each other. In other words, a ‘tap’ separates the real from the virtual – much like the plot of Ra.One, where the protagonists infiltrate the digital world from the real world, and vice versa.

With the common thread in place, we created a cross-web platform experience for users in the form of a game. The game tasked users to complete a series of web-oriented challenges. It integrated the web with mobile with SRK calling them on their mobile phones, to experiencing a flash version of the yet-to-be-released Google street-view (in India), to dissecting video messages – they did all these and more across different web & mobile platforms to ultimately become Agent.One and win Ra.One premier tickets.



more here: http://www.webchutney.net/awards/nokiaagent.one/