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We at webchutney did an online campaign for Airtel when they launched India’s biggest app store, appcentral. Rediffusion came out with the concept of “apps that let you do more of what you love and less of what you hate”. Taking this forward, i came up with a campaign idea, “My Day My Way” (the name eventually got dropped to keep the campaign in tune with the offline creatives). The thought behind the concept was that every Airtel app helps you live your day your way by letting you do more of what you love and less of what you hate. For example, if you hate driving but have to do it every single day of your life, get NAVIGATOR application and cut short your driving time by getting alternate routes on your mobile.

Rationale: Each one of us live the same life/routine every single day of our life (the most part at least). We all have a routine and more or less our life pans out the same way every day. Here, he defines his day and we suggest him a set of apps that help him live his life better.

Here are a set of screenshots to help you understand the concept better. The site is currently (as of 28/08/10) live at airtel.in/apps